Dawar's Kahaani

Moving to America when I was only 3 years old was an interesting adjustment. My family moved right around 9/11 and we actually got our citizenship on that day ironically. Growing up specifically in Maryland in the town we lived in was majority white and conservative. When you’re young you are naive to the racist remarks/jokes so it actually made me very white washed and I assimilated with what was around me.


It wasn’t until my brother and I were in middle school (again being the only handful of brown kids at our school) that we realized that it made us unique. After watching 8 Mile, and seeing how Eminem combatted being the minority in his hood by rapping exactly who he was and gaining his respect. My brother and I started the comedy page you know today as RwnlPwnl. So rather than others trying to say things about us we made jokes about it before they could. We started it just as a fun thing but soon started to see the impact it had on making other brown kids in the same situation as us more proud and confident in their own skin. It even had our non brown classmates intrigued and interested in our culture and religion.


Fast-forward to current times, my brother and I both graduated from college while still producing parodies and sketches for RwnlPwnl. College was fun for both of us because even though we commuted and didn’t experience the typical “college life”, while everyone else was partying, our RwnlPwnl group was touring the country doing shows at different colleges and events. During my schooling is when I also found my passion of entertainment. While I was studying I was also going to auditions for acting and doing small acting roles in shows such as House of Cards and Quantico. Today, Rwnlpwnl consists of the main members, Faras (Farosty), myself, Shah-Ameer (Shimmer), and Amber. We continue to grow as a group while also growing our own pages on Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram. We have a lot more in store from the group and our individual pages and I couldn’t be more happy with our progress and what’s to come!











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